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Whitewashing Project Updates Brick Home

When homeowners in a Boca Raton neighborhood began looking to update the look of their dated brick home, yet still keep the look of brick they enjoyed, they weren’t sure where to turn. Navigating house painting companies, and the house painting services they provide, can be tricky.

Fortunately, here at Benchmark, we have years of experience with a variety of exterior painting methods, and the homeowners put their trust in our professional house painters.

The six-day project began with a team of Benchmark painters spraying the brick with a high-pressure wash of an environmentally friendly mildewcide detergent.

After allowing the wash to dry overnight, the painters worked with the homeowners, applying paint which was custom prepared with a water mix to create a stain-type look. They experimented with the application until the color and appearance of the brick was exactly to the homeowners’ liking.

Once the desired style was established, our quality painters demonstrated their artistry. They left the grout untouched so as not to lose the characteristic look of a brick home, then painted the brick with a wide brush to ensure quality and uniformity, stopping regularly to check their work for continuity.

After the brick was painted, they put on the finishing touches by painting the fascia and trim a coordinating color. The homeowners were thrilled to have an updated home while maintaining the look of brick.

Whitewashing is just one of a multitude of services we offer our clients throughout the Boynton Beach area. From Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, homeowners know they can rely on Benchmark Painting for all their residential painting needs. For information about how we can help you transform your home, contact Benchmark online or at 888-698-1074.