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Unexpected Surfaces Realize Painting Potential

Homeowners from Kensington, MD to Boynton Beach, FL looking for home decorating ideas often use painting as a low-cost, yet dramatic avenue for change. Homeowners in Rockville and Silver Spring may turn to the typical strategy of altering colors for walls, trim and molding, but a variety of other surfaces also have potential for painting transformation. When looking for new ways to update your home and paint is an option, think outside the box when considering painting the house.

For example, countertop painting has recently come into vogue. Homeowners in Boca Raton and Fort Worth with an artistic bent can use methods of faux painting to mimic granite countertops. Commercial countertop painting kits are also available for the do-it-yourselfer in Gaithersburg.

Another surface seldom considered for revival is the bathtub. A common reaction to this suggestion is skepticism, but, just as with countertop painting, kits for bathtub restoration are also available at home supply stores. Monetary savings are substantial when compared to the expense of purchasing a new fixture.

Fireplaces are also a seldom-considered area for painting renewal. Brick fireplaces can look outdated and out-of-sync with a room’s décor. Due to critical safety issues, of course, it’s extremely important to carefully research proper paints and methods for use in areas which are exposed to high heat.

When considering these low-cost painting alternatives, interior painting takes on a whole new meaning. For more information about other aspects of residential painting, contact Benchmark Painting contractors online or 888-698-1074.