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Tips for Touchup Painting Before Holiday Parties

Along with the holiday season comes lots of entertaining. As you begin preparing your Boynton Beach, Florida home for out-of-town guests, you may notice that the paint on your walls needs a touchup. Perhaps the unsightly dings and scratches you’ve been able to ignore all year are now at the top of your priority list, but you’re not sure how to cross this project off. At Benchmark Painting, we are committed to helping make the holidays a stress-free and enjoyable season. We’ve compiled a few tips on touchup painting before holiday parties – just for you.

1. Use your original paint
If you have the original paint and it’s still in good condition, we recommend using it for your interior painting touchup needs. That way, you can be sure that the color you’re using will blend well into the existing paint and it is the correct finish. It is possible that you don’t have any leftover paint, and you will need to scrape a small sample off your wall to obtain a professional color match.

2. Clean and prepare the wall
Dirt and other residue builds up on your walls, even if you can’t see it. Water, mild detergent, and a sponge will do the trick; be sure to let the area dry completely before beginning the painting process. After a gentle cleaning, you will need to fill in any small holes, dents, or cracks in the wall.

3. Prime the area
One of the most important steps in touching up your walls is to prime the area. If you don’t use a primer, the new paint is likely to stand out on your wall, defeating your goal of making your walls look picture-perfect. Be sure to use a high-quality primer and let it completely dry.

4. Apply the paint
Use the same paint applicator that was most recently used on your walls, along with very small amounts of paint. That will ensure the newly painted area will look the same as every other area on your wall and you will have better control over the finished product. If you used a paintbrush, follow a “feathering” motion by moving your brush outward, past the area that needs touchup painting. If you painted with a roller, small rollers are great to use for touchup work, as it provides better control and range of motion.

5. Call us – we’d love to help!
It is important to note that any paint with an eggshell or high-gloss finish will be more troublesome for you to touch up as inexperienced home painters, because it is difficult to obtain the correct sheen to blend into the existing paint. In addition, if the area you want to restore is larger than a few inches, it will be a much more challenging. In these situations, it is best to contact the professionals at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry for your residential painting needs. We’ll make sure your home is in tip-top shape for all of your holiday entertaining. All you’ll need to do is have another sip of eggnog and call us today for a free estimate at 888-698-1074 or contact us online.