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Prepare Your Jupiter, FL Home for Exterior Painting

As summer approaches, you may begin noticing the shabby exterior of your Jupiter, FL home. The need for new exterior home painting happens to every home eventually, and it will help preserve the value of your home – and keep your neighbors happy. Here are a few tips my painting company has acquired regarding house painting.

Remove Obstructive Objects

Any items that will obstruct your house painting need to be removed. That includes light fixtures, window boxes, shutters, or any other objects that will get in the way of a home painting job.

Thoroughly Clean and Prep the Exterior

Before you paint, the exterior of your home should be extremely smooth, clean, and free of any cracks or nail head depressions. You can help ensure that your exterior painting will be flawless by taking the appropriate steps needed. Make sure to power wash and remove mildew. You should also fill in any cracks or nail head depressions with putty and caulk.

Scrape Loose or Flaking Paint

Scrape away any loose exterior painting that is flaking off the home or difficult to reach with the power washer. This will make your house painting job much easier. Plus, painting over flaking paint produces a messy and poorly done home painting outcome.

Protect Landscaping

This is an easy step to forget, as exterior painting is on the house – not your lawn. However, it’s easy for paint to spill, and you want to be sure all your flowerbeds, shrubs, and grasses are covered up. Taking this precautionary step will help make the exterior painting process less stressful.

My painting company, Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, located in Boynton Beach, FL and Kensington, MD, is here to help with any painting needs you may have, whether they are commercial or residential. My painters work anywhere in South Florida, from Jupiter, FL to Oakland Park, FL, or any of the surrounding areas. Call us today or ask for a free estimate on our website.

Written by: Tiffany

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