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Popular Paint Trends

Faux Finishes

Joining fundamental flat and eggshell are a growing array of paint sheens for walls, trim and molding.

• Emulsion paints deliver a chalky, matte finish found in centuries-old English estates.

• Clay paints mimic European plaster. Walls take on a subtle fabric-like texture when covered with a unique paint that applies with a thick consistency.

• A high gloss and matte mix creates a tone-on-tone pattern effect and is used to highlight the dimensionality of color.

Pumped-up Paints

High-tech innovations are creating super paints with less color rub-off and more durability in a variety of residential painting jobs.

• Detector paints change colors (like mood rings) so you can easily see if spots are missed.

• Anti-microbial paints inhibit the growth of mold and mildew by using a layer of protection.

• Super-saturated hues are made with a higher percentage of dense pigments. The result is better coverage with less paint.

Everything Eco

Hands-down, environmentally-friendly paint is all the rage. Green is good for obvious reasons. Low or non-gassing paints protect the planet’s deteriorating ozone layer and make homes healthier– especially for children and anyone with allergies.

• Cost: Homeowners may need to pay a bit more to go green.

• Coverage: Some say that eco paint coverage may be slightly less consistent in coverage and durability than its conventional counterparts (although the gap is quickly closing).

• Pre-test: It’s best to try a sample on walls before purchasing large quantities.

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