Understanding the Different Options for Carpentry Trim Details

Ask your average painting contractor about trim for homes, and they’ll know a lot about painting them, things like wainscotting, chair rails, and crown molding. However, not as many will learn about the carpentry aspect. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry , we’re the company you can rely on for painting and carpentry. It’s always exciting to take on another carpentry project and add custom trim to a client’s house. These are the features that make a house feel like a home; it adds texture, depth, and value to any home.


Adding custom carpentry trim to your home’s interior is the perfect way to add sophistication and beauty. We offer the options that will help improve your home immensely:

Wainscoting – Traditionally, wainscoting was used to protect walls from furniture and everyday wear and tear. While this trim addition still serves that purpose, it’s commonly used for homes now just to improve the appearance. Wainscoting brings an element of refined elegance that is unique.

Chair Rails – As the name implies, chair rails are installed to protect walls at the most vulnerable spot where the average chair height would connect with the wall, leaving marks or causing damage. Chair rails are installed with wainscoting to create a beautiful protective barrier for your walls against dings, scuffs, and other potential problems.

Crown Molding – Crown molding is a type of cornice trim created from decorative molding and installed along the top of walls where they meet the ceiling. It can also be placed above doors, windows, and cabinets. It’s a decorative element that looks especially dramatic in homes with high ceilings.


Should you have crown molding or wainscoting and chair rails – or both? Should you leave your trim a natural wood or have it painted professionally? At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry , we know making important decisions like these can feel overwhelming, which is why we’re here to offer expert advice. Our goal is to assist local homeowners in their journey to make their homes look personalized and exquisite. Rich paint colors can work magic for the look and feel of your interior, but adding depth with carpentry trim is a game-changer. For the best service from a carpenter and professional painting contractor in Boynton Beach, give our company a call.