Top 5 Tips for Selecting Interior Paint Colors

So you’re ready to hire a professional painting contractor and get started on painting your interior rooms. Yet now the fun but challenging part begins. How to pick the colors for your interior painting project. Color is everything, and you want to be sure you choose the right one. The right color creates ambiance and steers clear of fads that will be out of style by the time the paint dries.


Choosing paint colors should be the exciting part of the project, yet many homeowners end up feeling overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help make choosing your colors easier:

Think about the furniture you have – Unless you plan on replacing your furniture to match the paint, you will need to select paint hues that match your existing furnishings.

How open is the floor plan? – You don’t want to select a bunch of busy and bright colors that don’t work cohesively together if you have an open concept floor plan. In that case, stick to using the same color scheme and use something more neutral or subtle.

Consider the room and the feeling you want to create – Do you want to wake up every morning to fiery red walls? Would soft blue be appropriate for creating a calming child’s room? Think about what you’ll be doing in the room, and then pick paint hues to match the purpose and vibe.

What size is the room – Some colors, like warm colors, make a room feel smaller, and others make it feel bigger, like classic white. Choose accordingly, or you could end up creating the opposite effect for the room you’re painting.

Plan around the trim – Rooms with trim detailing like chair rails or crown molding should be carefully planned for colors. The wall and trim colors need to work well together for a cohesive and cozy feeling.


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