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Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is as professional as it gets for interior painting projects in your community. There's no better way to update and upgrade your home's interior design aesthetic than with fresh paint. It's the next best thing to remodeling without the expense and hassle of construction work inside your home. We offer premium quality materials for interior and exterior painting jobs. You'll love the results we're able to provide for you, adding warmth, richness, and value to your home. You never realize what an impact the paint color and quality have on your home's ambiance until you freshen things up. It's time to stop thinking and start doing, which means letting us take care of the hard work. We'll show you the options for colors or run with what you already have chosen. Wait until you see the inside of your home but better after we take care of your interior painting.



You can change your interior room by room, one little piece at a time, or you can make big changes with whole home painting! As the best painting contractor for projects, we'll tackle it however you see fit. Making overall the rooms at once can really help you feel like you've renovated your interior without the commitment of full-scale remodeling. We're the interior painting experts you can count on to meet your expectations and exceed your wishes for a new look for your home. Some great reasons to get proactive about scheduling your interior painting:

  • Beautify the appearance of your home
  • Create the mood you want for your indoor space
  • Improve the condition and look of your walls
  • Prevent future damage to your walls
  • Increase the overall value


A great reason to work with Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is that we're the experts who have set the bar among local painting companies. We will go above and beyond to deliver service excellence for painting your home inside and out. Whether you're preparing your home to sell or just want to enjoy it yourself, our crew is there for precise and meticulous paint application. You'll love the way your home looks once we're done with it. Call us today to schedule an appointment for interior painting.

Office Painting


Whether you're just moving into a new facility or are tired of looking at the old one, our office painting will do wonders for your Boynton Beach business. Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is a leading resource for local residential and commercial painting services. We'd love to provide you with expert interior painting service and help you transform your building into something that looks and feels more welcoming. The right paint colors will help create the perfect ambiance for your employees and any visitors you have to your establishment. Whether you need to impress visiting clients, fellow business owners, or customers, you need to make an excellent first impression with a professional look for your business. Trust us to take care of the office painting, and we promise to deliver customer satisfaction. There's no reason to settle for anything less than the highest quality when it comes to the paint or workmanship for your commercial project.



You can count on the top painting contractor for businesses to show you the full potential of your retail space. While we may suggest specific colors for a job like an office painting, it could be something else altogether for retail space. Our retail painting is the perfect way to put your style into the business and brand you're trying to build. Imagine your store, no matter the size, and how much better it could look with all new paint! If you're still trying to decide if you need to paint your retail interior, consider some of these benefits:

  • Establishing or rebranding company identity
  • Make a positive first impression on customers
  • Fix blemishes or damages to walls
  • Boost employee morale
  • Increase the property value


For commercial painting, we do our best to work around your schedule to minimize any disruption to your business. You can trust Benchmark Painting & Carpentry to work hard to dazzle and impress you so you can do the same for your clients, customers, and staff. If your walls have suffered damage or you've had mold or other problems, it's already past the time you should be taking care of painting your walls. We'll help you make choices about paint colors and then use eco-friendly materials to take care of your office, retail, or other commercial space. Call us today to make arrangements for your office painting.

Foyer Painting


Benchmark Painting & Carpentry has seen one too many attempts at DIY interior painting projects to know that foyer painting should be left to the experts. Many homeowners who want to test their skills at do-it-yourself painting start with the foyer and quickly learn any room can be overwhelming.

Our team has the skills, experience, and tools necessary to execute this job with impeccable precision. It will look as though your home came with the foyer that color and might even look better than before. Your front room should make a grand first impression, and our painting can help make that possible.

For superior foyer painting, put your faith in our crew. We're eager to provide you with the level of care you need to make your painting job look its best. Don't take chances or settle for anything less than the best when it comes to painting any room in your home.



There's nothing better than letting your home make the grand entrance by making sure your entryway looks superb. Our entryway paint service is the ideal way to let your foyer be a showstopper. Of course, to achieve this, you need the best painting contractor for projects - Benchmark Painting & Carpentry .

Some of the benefits of professional foyer painting are:

  • Make a strong first impression
  • Help set the mood and tone for the home
  • Increase your property value
  • Make the space feel larger or more intimate
  • Express yourself with style or trends

It's difficult to commit to bold or fad colors for other parts of the home because they require something more classic and subdued. However, a foyer can allow you the opportunity to use daring color choices and then change it all again once the mood passes.


The bottom line is that we're here for you! Whatever it is you want to do with the look of your foyer, we're here to help create it. We can offer a color consultation to assist with the process.

It's time to take the foyer from drab to fab. Get in touch with us today to discuss foyer painting for your home. You're going to love the results we're able to provide for you.

Eco-Friendly Paints


As soon as going green became an option, you can rest assured that Benchmark Painting & Carpentry was at the forefront of using whatever materials and techniques were available. Using eco-friendly paints just makes good sense, for us, for our Boynton Beach customers, and for the environment. It's not about doing the right thing; it's about doing the thing that should be the obvious answer. The good news is that you can feel good about doing your part by making a conscious effort to partner with professionals who take steps to follow greener practices. This is how to encourage positive change that directly impacts the world around you, from the local community to across the globe. We use eco-friendly paints because it's better for everyone, including our planet. Do your research and do what's right by making sure you work with a painting company that cares about being environmentally responsible.



While we may not be the only painting contractor for property owners, we're one of the few companies focused on greener practices. You have to be careful because a lot of contractors make claims about being green but the products and materials they use say otherwise. Think about the direct impact eco-friendly paints have on a job like office painting. Interior spaces with close quarters and numerous people should be as free from chemicals and toxins as possible. Using eco-friendly paint is better for indoor or outdoor spaces because:

  • No VOCs (Volatile organic compounds)
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Promoting sustainable culture (for home or work)
  • High-quality and longer-lasting
  • Use of natural ingredients
  • Safer for people, pets, and plants

As a property owner, you should look for ways to minimize the environmental impact of anything you do. Sometimes, it's as easy as making sure the contractor you hire uses eco-friendly practices. Together, let's work towards a better future for our children's children.


You'll feel good working with us and know we care about the environment and taking care of our clients. This approach is how we're able to get the positive results we do. Now, we look forward to working with you and taking care of your painting project - the responsible way. Call us now to find out more about the eco-friendly paints we use and our green practices.


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