Eco-Friendly Paints


As soon as going green became an option, you can rest assured that Benchmark Painting & Carpentry was at the forefront of using whatever materials and techniques were available. Using eco-friendly paints just makes good sense, for us, for our Boynton Beach customers, and for the environment. It's not about doing the right thing; it's about doing the thing that should be the obvious answer. The good news is that you can feel good about doing your part by making a conscious effort to partner with professionals who take steps to follow greener practices. This is how to encourage positive change that directly impacts the world around you, from the local community to across the globe. We use eco-friendly paints because it's better for everyone, including our planet. Do your research and do what's right by making sure you work with a painting company that cares about being environmentally responsible.


While we may not be the only painting contractor for property owners, we're one of the few companies focused on greener practices. You have to be careful because a lot of contractors make claims about being green but the products and materials they use say otherwise. Think about the direct impact eco-friendly paints have on a job like office painting. Interior spaces with close quarters and numerous people should be as free from chemicals and toxins as possible. Using eco-friendly paint is better for indoor or outdoor spaces because:

  • No VOCs (Volatile organic compounds)
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Promoting sustainable culture (for home or work)
  • High-quality and longer-lasting
  • Use of natural ingredients
  • Safer for people, pets, and plants

As a property owner, you should look for ways to minimize the environmental impact of anything you do. Sometimes, it's as easy as making sure the contractor you hire uses eco-friendly practices. Together, let's work towards a better future for our children's children.


You'll feel good working with us and know we care about the environment and taking care of our clients. This approach is how we're able to get the positive results we do. Now, we look forward to working with you and taking care of your painting project - the responsible way. Call us now to find out more about the eco-friendly paints we use and our green practices.