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Painters and Carpenters Can Improve the Deck of Your Boynton Beach, FL Home

Even if your South Florida home has perfect painting and decorating throughout, a rickety deck is bound to be a glaring eyesore in the overall aesthetic of your home. Rest assured that my painters and carpenters in Boynton Beach, FL are here to help with all of your painting and carpentry projects, and it’s not just limited to our home painting services; we also offer expert deck repair and refinishing. Here are a few of the most common deck problems that homeowners face.

Broken Boards
Everyone has seen a deck that has broken decking, and it doesn’t look pretty. This most often occurs when sections of the deck have been installed incorrectly, or have soaked up a lot of moisture, compromising its strength. When the deck is used, the boards will flex and eventually give in to the weight.

Spots and Stains
Decks are a fun way to entertain, but sometimes accidents happen, and food or drink will spill onto the wood. While some stains can be removed with a soap and water mixture, there may be cases when your deck needs to be re-stained or re-painted. My Boynton Beach painting company can make your deck look as good as new, if the pesky stains just won’t leave.

Wobbly Walking
If your deck begins wobbling when you walk across it, it may need a diagonal brace, which runs from corner to corner. You will need to use at least two nails per joist, and this should help take away the shaky feeling of a deck. However, if you think your deck needs more than a diagonal brace, it’s best to obtain professional guidance from my skilled carpenters at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, as you wouldn’t want any guests to be injured while walking across your shaky deck.

My painting company serves West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, North Miami, and all of South Florida to act as a resource for your carpentry projects as well as your painting and decorating needs. We even offer unique services such as wallpaper removing and color consultation, providing a complete home makeover for your home.

Please call us at 888-698-1074 or contact us online for an estimate. At Benchmark, we’d love to help you turn your deck from and eyesore into an entertaining masterpiece, just in time for summer grilling!