Lake Worth, FL


The paint that colors your home is hugely important: it keeps your home attractive, decides the atmosphere inside your home, and it helps you maintain your property value. The professionals at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry understand what an important part of your life your home is, which is why we’re committed to providing you with the absolute best painting services possible at every job we perform. We also know that the Lake Worth homeowners we work with are our most valuable resource, which is why we strive at every job to provide you with premier quality customer service.

We offer several different kinds of painting services, so whether you just need a single room painted, need your whole exterior painted, or you need staining or specialty coatings done, our professionals can help. We’ll work with you directly to plan the project so that we can tailor our services perfectly to your budget, goals, and timeframe. And we always guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the work that we provide.

Give us a call today to ask any questions you have about the services we provide, or to schedule your appointment, and we’ll be looking forward to working with you.


Your home’s interior paint is a hugely important part of its design, and it contributes a great deal to the look and feel of any room. Our professionals work at every job to make sure that your interior paint is as attractive as possible, that it matches your home’s current interior design, and that it contributes to the atmosphere you’re trying to create in your Lake Worth home. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the highest quality interior paint job possible and that it will last for years to come.

Our professional painters use only the highest quality materials and most advanced procedures to paint your home, so we can always guarantee that you’re getting the best possible painting work. Your home’s interior paint is a huge part of your daily life, so when we’re hired for this job, we take our responsibilities very seriously.


Any time you’re having your house painted, you need a quality job done by professional who can trust. Exterior house painting can make or break your Lake Worth home’s curb appeal, and our professionals will do whatever it takes to give you a high quality, attractive, and long-lasting paint job.

We’ll get rid of dirt, grime, and mildew, which can all cause your paint to start cracking or peeling prematurely. We’ll also repair any cracks or deteriorations in your walls, which can become much more apparent after you’ve had your home painted. When your walls are ready, we’ll give you a high quality, attractive, and long-lasting paint job.