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Moving In, Moving Up, And Moving Out…Transitions in Remodeling

As a residential remodeling professional, my own home often feels like a case of the shoemaker’s children never having adequate shoes. However, every now and again I get an overwhelming urge to do something fresh and new, just like all of the people I talk to on a daily basis at the office.

This past weekend was one of those times and my family and I decided to revamp one of our bedrooms, floor to ceiling. As we embarked on this project and I felt the usual dread of short tempers, countless trips to Home Depot, and waffling about colors it occurred to me that I must be crazy to take on these projects with just me and my darling, loving family in place of professional tradespeople.

Once that feeling of panic wore off and I began to buckle down into the work, I started thinking about the circumstances that drive us to upgrade or overhaul our living spaces. It’s the nature of the remodeling business that I come into people’s lives during times of transition. Whether it be a child going off to college, a burgeoning family expanding their space, or even a death in the family; my position often requires me to work closely with my clients during some of the most stressful times in their lives.

At Benchmark, we understand what the winds of change can be like. What may seem like a simple painting project can be fraught with emotional baggage related to the why behind the need for this work to be completed. This we understand…not only from a personal perspective but from the position of having been there through so many of our client’s transitions.

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We work with a large network of professionals that offer every service you can imagine to assist you in making a smooth transition. From moving services to landscape lighting, we cover it all. My goal as a remodeler is to be the last person you have to call to make your vision a reality, whether it be complete remodel of your new home or just revamping a room as your oldest daughter moves out into the world, as I just did this last weekend. (*tears here, people) Having the opportunity to create lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect with my clients is the best feeling ever.

What’s the most stressful transition you have encountered during remodeling? I am always curious about the backstory. Let me help you through your next transition, 561.572.9773.