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How to Stay Hydrated During Exterior Painting in Kensington, MD

Although summer’s long days make it the perfect season to update your Chevy Chase, MD house painting, the heat of these sweat-inducing hours also makes exterior painting dangerous. If you’re getting ready to rally your family members or the local college students into painting your home, it’s best to follow these five summer safety tips.

Stay Hydrated

When working in the sun, nothing is more important than drinking plenty of water. Be sure you and everyone working on your home’s exterior painting are consuming plenty of fluids to re-hydrate their systems. If you’re wondering why hydration is important, our bodies are comprised of 75 percent water, and our blood is nearly 80 percent water, making it vital to replenish what was lost in the hot sun.

Recognize Danger Signs

As with any project, it’s easy to get caught up in your house painting projects – sometimes, it’s too easy. And that’s why it’s important you’re able to recognize signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, or heatstroke, along with the proper protocol to respond to these dangerous conditions. Be more mindful of your body’s warning signs than painting the perfect trim.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Even if your home painters are college-aged students who seem physically fit and active, it’s important they wear appropriate clothing. You and your painters should wear breathable, loose clothing with a cotton or linen base.

Wear Sunscreen

You may feel that your years in the Bethesda, MD sun have earned you the right to forego sunscreen, but everyone should be wearing skin protectant. With exterior painting, you will be constantly exposed to the sun at all hours of the day, and it’s important that you protect your body. Plus, if you get sunburned your first day of painting, the following days will be painful – and not just because you have sore muscles!

Take Breaks

Although you probably want your home painting job to get finished quickly so that you can get back into the air conditioning, it’s better if you take short breaks. Encourage each of your painters and family members to step inside for some 10-minute breaks; it will give everyone a much-needed cool-down and boost their energy for another round of painting.

At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, my painters and carpenters based in South Florida and Kensington, MD know that protecting themselves during the heat of summer is the key to a successful painting or carpentry job. If you are would like help with your summer home painting projects, it’s never too late to call us at 888-698-1074 or contact us online.