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How to Remove Painted Wallpaper in Your Boynton Beach, FL Home

Anyone would agree that wallpaper removal is a tedious project. However, it’s another project entirely when removing painted wallpaper. If you’re a lucky homeowner who is attempting this project, we at Benchmark Painting and Carpentry would like to walk you through this somewhat daunting project.

1. Purchase the tools you’ll need

For successful wallpaper removal, you need to be equipped with the correct tools. A wallpaper scoring tool, jug of wallpaper stripper (spray or gel), scraping tool, wide putty knife, and plastic tarp (for covering the floor) are your essentials.

2. Prepare your walls

Score your walls with a scoring tool, which is a small device with serrated blades that will help you gently cut into your wall’s surface with circular motions. The small cuts will allow the wallpaper stripper to soak through in a more effective way. Apply wallpaper stripper, a water-based product that will provide an easier removal. Give it plenty of time to soak in (at least 15 minutes), since it needs to penetrate through both paint and the paper.

3. Pull and re-apply

Use your wallpaper removal tool to lift a corner of the wallpaper and begin pulling as much wallpaper off as possible. Re-apply the wallpaper stripper to your walls again if needed. This will help soften what’s left of the paint and wallpaper.

4. Scrape, scrape, scrape

Now comes the blood, sweat, and tears step: scraping. Grab your putty knife and remove all the wallpaper still stubbornly clinging to your walls. This may take some time, but remember a clean, paperless wall awaits you.

5. Finish up

When you are finished, wash your paperless walls with mild detergent and warm water to ensure all wallpaper stripper is off. This will provide a clean surface for sanding, patching and eventually a coat of primer.

We’d love to help you with this project, as Benchmark Painting and Carpentry offers excellent wallpaper removal services. Please give us a call at 888-698-1074 or contact us online. We can also consult with you to find the perfect color for your walls, after they’re paper-free. Our professional home painters are here to help with any of your residential interior painting and decorating needs.