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How to Paint Brass Hardware in South Florida

Are you tired of looking at your dated brass hardware every time you open a door or cupboard? Is the weather too muggy for any exterior painting projects this week? There’s an easy and budget-friendly interior painting fix for this, and it can actually take your home’s painting and decorating to a whole new level. In fact, all it requires are a few supplies. Here are three easy steps on how to paint brass hardware in your South Floridahome.

Wash With Steel Wool

After removing your brass hardware from all of your doors, cabinets, and drawers, wash each piece thoroughly with good old-fashioned soap and water. It’s best to use steel wool during this process because it helps lightly scratch the surface, ensuring the paint will adhere well.

Spray With Liquid De-Glosser

While many house painting jobs don’t require a liquid de-glosser, this is an important step in painting brass hardware. This helps removes all oils and sand particles off of the hardware, creating an ideal painting surface.

Apply Self-Etching Primer

Self-etching primer works well on brass hardware. It primes and etches bare metal in one easy step, promoting maximum adhesion. You don’t need to use this product heavily; one light coat is perfect for this type of interior painting project.

Transform With Paint

Now comes the fun part: painting. Use spray paint that’s specifically designed for metal. You can pick any color; a flat black may liven up the hardware on your white cabinets, while a cheery red or yellow will add a surprising flair to your kitchen. This painting and decorating decision can help boost any drab or dated room.

Painting hardware is a quick and easy update to your Highland Beach, FL home and brings surprisingly dramatic results. If you have any house painting needs, be sure to contact my experienced painters based in Boynton Beach, FL. Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is committed to helping you with all your interior and exterior painting needs. Call us at 888-698-1074 or request a free estimate on our website.