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How To Identify And Prevent Wood Rot

Wood rot, caused by hungry fungi and bacteria, is a problem nearly every homeowner will have to face at some point. Hiring a Raleigh painter or carpenter to inspect your woodwork for wood rot and to perform a wood rot repair and replacement is vital to the structural integrity of your house. There are several signs that wood rot has afflicted your home, and there are also several ways to prevent and combat this problem.

Causes of Wood Rot

A perfect combination of heat, moisture, and wood allows for wood rot to occur. Fungi cause wood to rot by secreting digestive enzymes. These enzymes break down and dissolve the wood. As the fungi eat the wood’s surface, holes form in the wood, allowing the collection of rainwater and dew. This further accumulation of moisture exacerbates the wood rot as bacteria begin to join the feast.

What to Look For

  • Holes and cracks in the caulking around vents, doors, and windows
  • Vegetation closer than 2 feet from roofing and siding
  • Blocked vents
  • Stains around fireplaces, under eaves, and on ceilings
  • Cracked and peeling paint
  • Leaking and sagging downspouts and gutters
  • Twigs, leaves, and dirt in between decking boards


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Wood Rot Prevention Tips

  • Remove infected wood.
  • Use natural anti-wood rot products.
  • Have your painter apply a wood sealant containing a fungicide to wood subjected to moisture.
  • Keep woodwork as dry as possible.
  • Install new flashing and moisture barriers around vents, doors, and windows.
  • Add a roof overhang.
  • Hire a painter to stain or paint the wood before assembling exterior projects.
  • Avoid leaning tools, ladders, and plywood against the siding.

Preventing wood rot requires attention and commitment, but it is important to maintain the overall condition of your home. If you spot trouble with your exterior or interior woodwork, contact a Raleigh painter or carpenter such as Benchmark Painting & Carpentry so that trusted professionals can assess and repair the damage.