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How To Clean Painted Walls In Your Potomac, MD Home

It’s almost Christmas, making this the perfect season to deck the halls—and clean them too!

Are fingerprints, a kitchen experiment gone wrong (with the splatters to prove it), and scuff marks making your walls look dingy and old? Over time, the walls in your Potomac, MD home are bound to get dirty simply from the act of living. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, an interior and exterior home painting company, my expert painters compiled some of top tips for cleaning painted walls, just in time for holiday parties.

Prep the Area

In a similar fashion to painting your walls, cleaning your walls also requires a bit of preparation. Move furniture to the center of the room. Prep your walls by vacuuming, wiping down with a cloth-covered broom, or an electrostatic dusting wipe. Then, lay down old sheets or blankets to catch any water drips for the cleaning step. It’s best not to use your plastic painting tarps, as they will not absorb water, becoming slippery throughout the cleaning process.

Begin With Gentle Materials

My painters know that different types of paint need different types of cleaning approaches, so it’s always best to start with the gentlest options. Begin by softly rubbing the wall’s marks with water on a cellulose sponge, and if necessary, add a bit of mild detergent soap.

Up the Ante

If you still need a bit more firepower, use a stronger alkali solution, being sure to spot test any cleaning mixture. The last thing you need is a ruined paint job right before the holidays! Warm water mixed with clear non-sudsing ammonia, white vinegar, and washing soda is a gentle yet effective cleaning mixture.

Direction Matters

Wash your walls from the bottom up and side to side. If you begin from the top down, it will only create more work for you in the long run. Don’t begin your painting cleaning in the middle of the wall, because it may cause “wash marks,” which are caused by stop-and-go wall washing. The goal is to make your walls cleaner — not more unsightly.

After you’re finished cleaning your painted walls, your home will be fit for the holidays, scrubbed free of stains and blemishes. If you have any other painting needs, whether indoor or exterior, be sure to give us a call. We’re a professional interior and exterior home painting company that’s committed to helping our clients love the space they’re in. Please call us at 888-698-1074 or contact us online with any interior or exterior painting needs. Then, settle in with a glass of eggnog or cup of hot cocoa, knowing that expert painting help is on its way!