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How to Best Clean Paint Rollers for Bethesda, MD Home Painting

Painters in Bethesda, MD know that quality painting equipment is essential to a perfect home painting job – from the paintbrushes to the ladders and sprayers, each plays a key part in ensuring excellent work. One of the most important house painting tools is a roller, and many people don’t know how to properly clean them. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, my home painters are committed to helping homeowners from Rockville, MD all the way to Boca Raton, FL know how to correctly care for their painting equipment. Here’s how to properly clean a paint roller.

Remove Excesss Paint From Roller

This step is extremely important and will help the process proceed much more quickly. Remove the roller from the handle, and roll out paint from the tool. Once you have removed as much paint as possible, scrape it with a 5-in-1 tool, which will get rid of a bulk of the paint. Make sure to save this excess paint by scraping it off into the paint can.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Now comes the fun part: rinsing your roller. This may seem tedious, but your roller will thank you, and you will have many more home painting projects ahead with that specific roller. Hold the roller under running water and massage the paint out of the tool until the water coming out of the roller runs close to clear.

Clean With Solvent or Detergent

If you used alkyd painting for your house painting needs, you will need to work solvent into your paint bristles, and once the paint dissipates, rinse brushes in clear solvent and wash with soapy water. However, if you used latex paint, you’ll want to use a mild detergent. Place the roller sleeve in a bucket full of warm water and mild detergent; the soap will help thoroughly clean the roller. Continue to massage the painting tool in order to extract all the paint; sometimes, just when you think you’re finished, more paint will come spurting out. There are lots of crevices paint can hide in paint rollers!

Dry and Store

Once the paint has completely disappeared from the roller, dry with an old t-shirt or towel, and use a paint spinner or hang to dry. After the roller is completely dry, store the sleeve in its original packaging, a plastic bag, or heavy paper.

Although it may seem a little laborious to thoroughly clean your brushes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how long they will hold up if you take care of them. With proper cleaning and care, you can do countless home painting projects in your Rockville, MD home. If you have any questions regarding paint tool care, or have a home painting project you would like our expert home painters to work on, please give us a call at 888-698-1074 or contact us online. Like I said, our painters serve Rockville, MD, Bethesda, MD, and the surrounding areas as well as South Florida. They are here to help your home become its absolute best!