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House Painting Tips for Window Surrounds

While interior window trim doesn’t often make it to the top of the painting to-do list, it’s an extremely important job, as the stains and chips that surround many windows can often make your home appear dingy. With a new coat of paint on your interior window surrounds, the painting and decorating in your West Palm Beach, FL home will have a chance to shine. Here are a few of my favorite tips on painting your window trim.

Check the Weather
When painting window trim, you will need to leave your windows open while the paint dries, and your plans could be foiled if you paint on a rainy day. Make sure the forecast does not predict any South Florida showers to dampen your home painting project, and begin early in the day if the night is expected to be unusually cool.

Protect the Glass
My Boynton Beach, FL painters and staff know that painting can be a messy project. Be sure to protect the window glass by placing painter’s tape along the edge of the trim, ensuring that the paint stays on the trim and not on your windows.

Gather Appropriate Tools
One of the key components to a polished paint job is using the correct equipment. For window surrounds, you will need an angled paintbrush that is able to get into the corners easily, without creating smudges along the trim. It’s also helpful to have a clean cloth within reach in case your paint drips onto the windowsill during the painting process.

Prepare the Area Thoroughly
Window surrounds can be more damaged than most people think, with lots of grime over the years, and many nicks and stains to deal with. With any interior painting project we do in Boynton Beach, FL and the surrounding areas, we recommend you begin with a clean painting surface. Be sure to wipe up any dirt and take time to clean and sand the area thoroughly.

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