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House Painting Project for Homeowners in Ocean Ridge, FL

With the first day of summer in the not-so-distant future, and Delray Beach and Ocean Ridge, FL already heated up to a toasty temperature, it’s important that your patio furniture is ready to go. If you’re not enjoying the balmy mornings outside on your porch because of shabby wooden patio furniture, listen up! Here are a few home painting tips for your patio furniture from my expert painters at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry.

Deep Clean Patio Furniture

If you’ve had your wooden patio furniture for a while, it’s probably stained, with possible mildew or other unwanted substances on it. Before you paint your furniture, mix 1 gallon of hot water with powdered oxygen bleach, and scrub the furniture, taking extra time around the unsightly areas.

Sand Furniture Thoroughly

Many home painting projects require the use of some extra elbow grease in the form of sanding. This is often a tedious project for painters and carpenters, but worth it in the end. Put your muscles to work and sand your patio furniture lightly, as it will remove rust, bird droppings, and rough areas.

Prime and Prepare

After sanding, be sure to thoroughly wipe off your patio furniture, ensuring that all debris are removed. Apply a wood primer with a paintbrush. This will not only help your paint adhere more easily to the furniture, it will also protect the paint from the harsh outdoor elements.

Paint Patio Furniture

After the primer has dried, you can grab a paintbrush and get to work on your house painting project. Apply several coats of paint to your patio furniture, letting it dry in between; that shouldn’t take too long in the hot Delray Beach, FL sun.

Once your outdoor house painting project is finished and dry, it’s time to relax. Treat yourself to lots of lazy mornings on your freshly-painted patio furniture. If you have questions regarding home painting projects, or would like to speak with one of my experts at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, my painters and carpenters are here to help. Give us a call at 888-698-1074 or contact us online.