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Home Painting Tips for Palm Beach Gardens, FL Homes

As the summer heats up, you may be searching for affordable ways to add freshness to your Palm Beach Gardens home, especially as the summer heats up and you’ll be enjoying the indoor coolness of the air conditioning a bit more. Sometimes, the best, most stunning changes aren’t done with bold color and extravagant home painting or month-long residential painting endeavors. All you may need is a little white paint and a few hours.

Touch Up Baseboards

If you have kids or pets, your baseboards have gone through a lot of wear and tear. They may be showing their age in scuffmarks, grime, and stains. The best way to freshen up your home’s appearance is to touch up your baseboards in a semi-gloss white paint. With a two-inch angled brush and a full can of paint, your house will look crisp in no time.

Paint Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is a key component in the room it’s in. With its stately mantle and large size, fireplaces can often dampen a room’s appearance if dingy. You can fix that with some quick home painting. Just slap a few coats of white paint on your mantle, and you’ll be amazed at the difference a clean, white fireplace brings.

Add White Curtains

While this tip doesn’t involve residential painting, it will help improve the aesthetic of your home. Flowing, white, floor-length curtains add dimension and light to any room. Pull down your dark, light-obstructive drapes and lighten up your room with crisp white curtains.

Paint Window Surrounds

Throughout the spring and summer, if you decide to leave your windows open during the cooler parts of the day, you may start noticing the direness of your window surrounds. They can get dirty in a hurry, and can also be painted in a hurry. Painting window surrounds is a home painting project that will not take all day, but will produce fantastic results.

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