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Faux Finishing for Your Kensington, MD Home

If you’re in the mood to transform your Kensington, MD home, you will want to consider faux finishing for your walls by using the ragging method. This creates an illusion of texture on your walls through applying one or more accent colors over a base coat of paint, giving the room a soft, elegant ambiance. Ragging is easy enough for you to do yourself, so round up some home painters and get started on this project.

Apply Base Coat

Apply the base coat of paint to your walls as you would for a normal house painting project. The color will show through the accent colors, so it is important to choose a color that you love. If your base coat is already on the walls, just be sure your walls are clean and dry.

Prepare the Glaze

Mix together the accent color with glaze, using one gallon of glaze with one quart paint. Once the glaze and paint are mixed well, pour into a paint tray to begin the texturing process.

Texturize Your Walls

Use a clean, damp, lint-free rag and gather it into a loose ball. Dip the rag into your glaze and paint mixture, and wipe off any excess on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Start at one corner of your wall and dab the paint-covered rag on your wall. Be creative; if you apply the paint in different patterns or directions, it only serves to add uniqueness and interest to your walls. Once you’ve finished adding the faux finish to all your walls, step back and admire your handiwork.

There are, of course, several other ways to add faux finishing to your walls, but ragging is by far the easiest if you enjoy non-professional house painting projects for your Kensington, MD home. If you’re interested in other faux finishes, we’d love to send our highly-qualified home painters to add texture to your walls. Please contact us online or call us at 888-698-1074 to explore other faux finishing options. Benchmark Painting and Carpentry is here to service all your commercial and residential painting needs.