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We've Got You Covered - Inside and Out!

There are lots of reasons to paint your home’s exterior! Maybe you’re selling, upgrading, or just need a change of scenery — regardless of why the first step in painting your home is researching the best exterior home painting contractors.

Since 1995 Benchmark Painting & Carpentry has been delivering 5-star results to the South Florida, Virginia, and Maryland area. If you’re looking for an exterior home painting contractor who can make your house look as beautiful outside as it is on the inside, and do it on budget and on time, you’re in the right place. Benchmark Painting & Carpentry will do the job right, treat you with respect, and can offer you numerous other services, so contact us today!

The Best Exterior Painting Company In Town!

Your exteriors deserve the best, so treat them to Benchmark-quality exterior painting. We’ve done thousands of jobs, and over the years we’ve learned the recipe for becoming the best exterior painting company around, with respect for the customer and high-quality workmanship. Read reviews from our customers today, and see how we’re putting customer service and professional craftsmanship into action!

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We Put Our Customer First, Always

We treat our customers like a small business would: with respect and fairness. We’re the only exterior home painters who operate on a person-to-person basis, but who still have the capacity for large-scale service. When you work with Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, you’re working with the only exterior home painters who will send you a thank you card after the job is done, or will personalize your service. Customer appreciation got us to where we are today and we have no plans on stopping.

We’ll Maximize Your Curb Appeal

You know how we’re always told not to judge a book by its cover? When buyers are touring a home, the first place they look is the property’s exterior! So, if you’re selling your home, don’t forget about the importance of curb appeal! Treat your home to a fresh coat of dazzling exterior paint in one of the season’s hottest colors. 

Benchmark Painting & Carpentry can help you get your home ready for sale with our exterior painting and carpentry services. Nothing says “home” like a fresh coat of paint!

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Carpentry Services Solved

We didn’t become the number one exterior home painting company for nothing! We’ll not only paint your house, but we can also repair or mend blemishes in your home’s wooden hardware with our carpentry services. With Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, you’ll work with experienced carpenters who will give you end results that are almost too pretty to be painted over (almost).

Your Neighborhood Contractors

We’re as local as they come. Since 1995 Benchmark Painting & Carpentry has employed your neighbors, friends, and family at our business. We’re proud to serve South Florida, Maryland, and the Northern Virginia area. We’re proud to create jobs and put money back into the economy. We’re proud to build stronger ties in the community. And we’re proud to be your top choice for exterior home painting contractors.

If you’re in need of exterior home painting contractors, contact us today and set up a fast consultation.