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Exterior Painting Services in Boynton Beach by Benchmark

Sipping coffee on your breezy porch on a summer morning in Boynton Beach can be so pleasant—unless your porch has cracking, unsightly paint. But painting the exterior of your house or porch can be a major undertaking, particularly if there is peeling, blistering, or wrinkling paint surrounding your home.

Paint contractors will tell you that simply painting over the older layer will likely result in larger problems than when you started. Here at Benchmark Painting and Carpentry, we ensure that the entire project is efficient, and our residential painting experts know how to deal with any exterior issue. If there is mildew or chalking (dust settled on your paint), our painting contractors have the fungicide and power washers to rid your home of pests. If there are running sags or irregular surfaces, our home painters know the tricks of the trade to get a smooth, fine finish every time.

The scraping and sanding necessary to prime your exterior for a fresh coat of paint can be tedious, but our Benchmark painting teams are quick on the job. Also, if there are shrubs, trees, or other landscaping near the exterior of your home, we take care to cover and shield them from any paint. We do all we can to ensure that can be back on your porch, enjoying the breeze in no time.

So whether your home is pristine white in need of an update in Wellington or Coral Springs, FL or deep olive green with a few needed updates in Columbia or North Bethesda, Benchmark Painting and Carpentry is just around the corner, ready to help. Contact us today at 888-698-1074 to schedule a free estimate.