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Exterior Home Painting Tips for Coastal Homes in West Palm Beach, FL

You may have finished your entire list of interior painting projects throughout the winter, and feel the need to begin revamping the exterior of your home, especially if you’re a coastal home resident in South Florida. The weather is warm and perfect for painting. My painters in Boynton Beach, FL are experts at painting beachfront homes, which can often be negatively affected by saltwater and intense sunlight.

Buy Great Paint

My West Palm Beach, FL house painters know that paint is a home’s protection from the elements outside, and it pays to buy the best quality paint that you can, such as a top-of-the-line latex paint. Stay away from cheaper paint, as it will not provide the coverage your home needs.

Prep the Exterior

When you’re working on your exterior home painting in West Palm Beach, it’s important to prep the surface of your home, as mildew builds up easily in more humid locations. Grime and salt also build up on coastal homes, and a power washer is a great tool for this job. Once the surface is washed, you can sand and scrape any peeling paint off of your home.

Begin in the Shade

If you begin painting in direct sunlight, the paint will dry too quickly and may blister prematurely. Be sure to start your painting in the shade, or choose to paint on an overcast day. Additionally, put your home painting project on hold if you notice a storm is coming through, as the salty winds will not do your painting job any favors.

Exterior residential painting in North Miami, FL and surrounding areas can often be a long, strenuous job, and my experienced and skilled painters are ready to help with all of your needs. If you have additional questions on coastal painting, or would like an estimate, please call us at 888-698-1074 or connect with Benchmark Painting & Carpentry online.