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Eliminating Outdated Tile and Textured Walls

When looking to update home décor, painting the interior of your home with modern colors or in popular styles may help, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. For some homes, bringing décor up-to-date requires eliminating outdated materials that are preventing a homeowner’s vision from taking shape.

We recently met with homeowners in Boca Raton whose desire to update their home was hindered by outdated, heavily textured walls. They called Benchmark Painting and Carpentry and we got to work. Our first step was to scrape off the material that had initially been used to create the textured look, taking care not to gouge the underlying wall.

After the removal process, we then began the process of making the formerly heavily textured walls smooth again. For this, we skim-coated the walls with a mixture of primer and joint compound. Applied with a heavy duty electric sprayer, this heavy primer mixture is used with great effect to create a smooth, even finish.

With their newly smoothed walls looking great, the homeowners were still plagued with one more outdated decorating issue: old tile with thick grout lines. We removed the outdated tile and installed 24″ x 24″ modern rectified porcelain tiles with tight grout joints. The finishing touch was new 5 1/4″ wood baseboards, giving our homeowners the updated look they desired.

Homeowners throughout the Boynton Beach area–from Jupiter to Boca Raton–know they can rely on Benchmark Painting and Carpentry for all their residential painting and carpentry needs. For information on how we can help you transform your home, contact Benchmark online or at 888-698-1074.