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Choose Paint to Accentuate Rug Color

When trying to combine and balance decorating elements of a room’s décor, the multitude of decisions required to create an attractive space can be exhausting. The coordination of colors and styles may call for the assistance of a design specialist, but many home painters from Kensington, MD to Boynton Beach, FL have the savvy and daring to take it on themselves.

Before diving into a residential interior painting project, though, novice designers would do well to heed this simple word of caution from seasoned decorators: Choose the rug first.

When putting together a color scheme for a room, selecting wall color is often the first step in a home decorator’s design plan. After all, walls are the largest and most noticeable color contribution to a room’s décor. A homeowner in Boca Raton, FL for instance, may choose spring green, while a homeowner in West Palm Beach, FL is set on sky blue, but both will find that in first choosing the rug, they’ll be able to select a wall paint with the exact shade, tone and saturation level needed to accentuate a color in the rug they have chosen.

On the other hand, let’s say a home painting job in Arlington, VA inspires a homeowner to complement, rather than match, wall color with rug color. Choosing the rug first is still important in this residential painting job, as it will allow determination of which color will best harmonize with the selected rug.

Balance is key, and Benchmark Painting and Carpentry can play a key role in your room’s transformation. For information on how we can ensure that the paint you eventually choose will be expertly applied, contact us online or at 888-698-1074.