The Impact of Wall Texture on Paint Choices

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When painting the walls in a home, many homeowners immediately start thinking about specific hues and color combinations. However, many homeowners neglect the impact of wall texture on paint choices.

Matching paint to wall surfaces is just as important a part of painting as finding complementary colors. Using the wrong paint for a texture can create an unappealing final product.
With that in mind, the team at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry of Boynton is here with this quick guide on the effect of wall texture on color.

Wall Texture Influence on Paint

Wall texture can influence the appearance and character of paint for a handful of reasons.

First, the textured pattern may refract light differently than a smooth wall, which can slightly modify the paint’s effective hue. Depending on the texture, the wall can make the paint look lighter or darker than it actually is.

Second, wall texture affects paint absorbency. Some walls may take more paint to cover with a smooth coat simply because the texture pattern gives them a larger surface area. Different wall materials also absorb paint differently, so drying times may differ.

Lastly, wall texture impacts the type of painting technique you use. Using the wrong painting application technique on a textured wall can leave patches and uneven paint spots. Paint tends to slightly change color when it dries, so the imperfections might not be obvious until later.

Tips for Painting Textured Walls

Below are some useful tips from our professional painters on how to deal with the impact of wall texture on paint choices.

  • Use rollers with longer fibers. The length of roller fibers determines paint application smoothness. Using longer fibers ensures that paint fills all gaps, nooks, and crannies to create a flawless finish.
  • For highly textured walls like popcorn or stucco, use the paint stippling technique by gently tapping the tip of the brush on the wall. This technique ensures that you get full wall coverage.
  • Don’t skimp on paint quality. Using cheaper, lower-quality paint might cost less, but it won’t look as good and won’t last as long as a project with high-quality paint.
  • Stick to warmer colors. Depp, cool colors on texture walls can create shadows, which make the paint look darker than it actually is. Using brighter, warm colors compensates for any shadows the wall’s texturing creates.
  • Apply multiple coats. A single coat of paint might not be enough to fully cover a textured wall, so additional layers can create a smoother finish. Also, using multiple lighter coats prevents dripping and pooling that can happen if you just use a single, thick coat.
  • Wash your walls before painting. Dirt, oil, grease, and dust can get in the crevices of textured walls, which will make paint application harder. Cleaning your walls before painting makes sure the paint adheres without imperfections.

Hiring an Expert for Textured Painting

If you are unfamiliar with choosing paint for textured walls or textured wall painting techniques, we highly recommend hiring a professional for any house painting.

Painters are not only familiar with painting techniques but also understand mixtures to match wall texture and paint aesthetics.

When you hire an expert like Benchmark Painting & Carpentry of Boynton, you can expect expert application and a quality finished product every time.

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