Painting vs. Staining Wood: Transforming Your Spaces With Color

painting vs staining

Want to make your home look more polished? Try home improvements like staining or painting wood surfaces. But which option should you choose? What works best for your home? Discover the pros and cons of painting vs. staining wood surfaces with Benchmark Painting & Carpentry of Boynton, FL.

Paint’s Alluring Color and Vibrance

As a property owner, you likely find paint products more appealing because of their endless color options. However, a coat of paint isn’t appropriate for every wood surface.


Many homeowners feel drawn to paint because it offers:

  • Extensive colors: Mix and match various paint colors to create the perfect shade.
  • Wood transformation: A coat of paint can make wood structures look brand new.
  • Easy to change: You can easily repaint your wooden structures if you crave change.


Despite its expansive color options, paint has numerous limitations, including:

  • Expense: Paint products typically cost more than stains.
  • More maintenance: Paint cracks, chips, and flakes faster than stains. You need to repaint surfaces regularly to retain that vibrancy.
  • Labor-intensive reapplication: The repainting process involves multiple steps and can take several days.

The Subtle Neutrality of Wood Stains

Stains offer visual neutrality and penetrative protection to any type of wood, but they have a few weaknesses. Would the rich, natural beauty of a quality stain product benefit your favorite wood surfaces? Make an informed decision by exploring the advantages and disadvantages.


Although painted wood noticeably elevates the aesthetic, stained wood boasts:

  • Fewer steps: No need to prime the wood before adding stain. Just apply a fresh coat to the uncured wood.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Stain costs less than most quality paint products.
  • No unsightly damage: Stain products fade away as they age rather than chip and crack.


Stain’s pain points go beyond a lack of color choices. Consider the following pitfalls before settling for a rich, natural stain:

  • Reapplication: While professional painters can add a fresh coat of paint over an existing one, they can’t do the same with stain. They must sand and polish the wood before restaining it.
  • Protection: Paint fully seals the wood, protecting it from moisture and temperature fluctuations. While some stains shield wood from UV rays and dampness, they don’t provide the same level of coverage.
  • Longevity: Most stain applications only last between three and five years, while paint can last up to a decade.

Painting vs. Staining Wood: Which Should You Choose?

Whether revamping kitchen cabinets or manicuring outdoor spaces, professional painters typically suggest considering your lifestyle preferences and whether you’ll keep up with maintenance requirements before deciding.

When To Choose Paint

Choose paint for home improvement projects you want to customize now or in the future. Paint products are more flexible with change than their stain counterparts. You can also wait longer before hiring professional services to retouch painted wooden surfaces.

However, failing to touch up your paint regularly reduces curb appeal if you leave it unchecked. You should also power wash painted outdoor surfaces to keep them clean and polished.

When Stains Work Best

Use stains for high-traffic areas, like decks and porches. Tabletops, cabinets, and other frequently used surfaces also benefit from quality stain products. You should also consider staining wooden structures that receive significant amounts of direct sunlight year-round

Walking on a painted surface causes the paint to degrade faster. Plus, some paint colors readily show dirt and grime buildup. That said, remember that professionals should sand and restain the surface at least once every five years.

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