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Benefits Of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings For South Florida

Commercial epoxy floor coatings, a specialty floor coating, is a great way to improve a business. They are very versatile as far as enhancing the aesthetics of any business. Epoxy flooring can look like real marble, granite, and even wood floors.

As professional commercial epoxy flooring contractors in South Florida & DC Metro area, Benchmark Painting & Carpentry has worked with businesses all over to apply these specialty coatings. We know how durable these floors are, and how beautiful they can be.

Commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings are strong, durable finishes for concrete. They transform a regular concrete floor which is absorbent and vulnerable into one that repels chemicals and resists damage. There are many benefits to commercial epoxy flooring which are quite remarkable.

Keep in mind that the South Florida painting contractor has to know what they’re doing when applying specialty coatings like epoxy. The surfaces must be properly prepared and the product applied correctly or problems arise.

Protective Commercial Floor Coatings-Epoxy Finishes

Protecting a commercial floor couldn’t be more important. A commercial floor is exposed to many elements that can quickly destroy the materials. Take a mechanic’s garage floor for example. How many have you seen with bare concrete floors that have chemical stains, oil stains, and grime all over it? Over time, the chemicals will damage the concrete and the stains will set in for good.

Commercial epoxy floor products are different than those found in home improvement stores. They are high-grade commercial and industrial strength epoxy floor coatings available to professionals. A high-quality resin is combined with several other resins. This produces a cross-linking system which makes the epoxy floor coating flexible. It doesn’t peel, chip, dent, or crack when applied properly.

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Other Benefits Of Commercial Epoxy Specialty Coatings

Chemical, dirt, and solvent resistant flooring is important in mechanic shops and garages. Damaging elements soak into the floor materials, causing structural damage.

Epoxy specialty coatings keep harmful substances from soaking into the materials. Of course, the chemicals need to be cleaned up after a spill, especially if caustic. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain since it repels dirt, grime, and chemicals.

Skid & Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring

Having a non-slip floor is important for many businesses. The South Florida painting contractor can apply a non-slip or non-skid product to the epoxy floor for safety. This is great for warehouses, mechanic shops, stairways, ramps, and other areas where slipping can be a problem.