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Add Stripes to Your Kensington, MD Home

Stripes are here to stay, and they’re making their appearance all over the place – even in the small town of Kensington, MD. Residents in Rockville or Silver Spring may also notice the upsurge in stripes. They’re making their mark on clothing, rug, home décor, and even walls! We love the way tone-on-tone horizontal stripes look inside of homes, as they provide a classic and elegant touch.

By adding stripes to your walls, you can have the neatest residential paint job in Maryland!

Choose Contrasting Color
Since you want a subtle tone-on-tone feel, and not a vibrantly striped wall, be sure to pick a contrasting color that is only one or two shades lighter or darker than the wall’s base paint.

Mark and Tape
You need to decide on the height of your stripes. After you’ve determined that, measure them from floor to ceiling, marking with pencil where the stripes will be. You don’t need to mark out the whole stripe across the wall – just do two or three places, and connect the marks with painter’s tape.

*It’s important to remember to apply the tape outside the marks of the areas you’ll be painting, but inside the marks you will be leaving as a base.

Paint and Peel
Paint the contrasting color onto your wall with a paint roller, using an angled brush in the corners and near the ceiling. Add a second coat, and remove the tape immediately, while the paint is still wet. Once the paint dries, it may stick to the tape, so you want to peel the tape right away.

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