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3 Gorgeous Replacement Ideas For Ceilings After Popcorn Removal

Are you wondering what to do with the ceiling in a room after popcorn texture removal? Whether you plan to hire a painting contractor or do the hard work yourself, you certainly can’t leave the drywall bare.

The old popcorn ceiling texture, once it’s removed, will no longer protect the drywall from moisture or damage. So, should you give the ceiling a new smooth surface? Should you cover the old drywall with some other material? Or should you do something else?

Give your ceilings some thought when removing old popcorn texture and painting your house. They just don’t get enough attention even though they cover a huge amount of space. The good news is you have so many options to transform your old ceiling into something gorgeous!

1. Ask Your Painter To Apply A New Ceiling Texture Style

Painting and texturing take a lot of time and skill to get right. This is why painting contractors like ours at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry recommend that you hire a professional with experience in ceiling and wall texturing.

Professionals can create many different styles and types of ceiling texture. It’s a good thing you are removing that old popcorn ceiling texture because these gorgeous modern skim coatings look way better!

Modern ceiling textures:

  • Subtle & light grunge
  • Burlap aged
  • Plastering – distressed Venetian
  • Texture stenciling – decorative patterns
  • Skip troweling – freestyle
  • Smooth
  • Knockdown texture – waves style

2. Install Beautiful Beadboard With Crown Molding

Ask your painter-carpenter to replace the old popcorn ceiling texture with beadboard. It is important to remove the old ceiling texture if your home was built before 1979 because it may contain asbestos. Otherwise, you may just install the beadboard over the existing texture.

Removing the old popcorn ceiling is where it’s important to make the wise decision of hiring an experienced painting contractor who can determine the consistency of the old popcorn ceiling texture.

Beadboard is a beautiful option that can be stained or painted. It is beautiful when paired with chair rails and crown molding and baseboards. Replacing the popcorn ceiling with beadboard and new trim gives you many style options:

  • Traditional
  • Country
  • Ranch
  • Victorian
  • Modern
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Colonial
  • Federal
  • and more

3. Paint Beautiful Faux Finishes

Whether you choose a modern faux finish or something more traditional, a faux finish is a great replacement idea for popcorn ceiling texture.

In this case, popcorn removal is necessary in order to achieve a beautiful painted faux finish. The surface needs to be smooth and primed with a good primer.

An experienced painting contractor should be able to give you many, many faux finish options for your ceiling. In many cases, painting and new texturing go hand-in-hand to create modern designs for your ceilings. Here are a few to think about, but there are many more.Benchmark Painting & Carpentry

  • Artisan metal leaf
  • Faux Venetian plaster
  • Color wash
  • Glazing
  • Stenciling
  • Strie painting
  • Abstract clouds & smoke
  • Metallic ridge
  • Tuscan faux finish
  • Hand-painted murals